What are the advantages of using Telegram?

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What are the advantages of using Telegram?

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In case you are thinking to switch from WhatsApp or any other Messanger app to Telegram, then first you need to what are the advantages you’re getting in Telegram messenger App? This will assist to know the way Telegram is completely different from WhatsApp?

Telegram Messanger is now not an unknown app, aginst WhatsApp it is gaining more and more users in the messenger/chatting app market. While WhatsApp has long been absolutely the leader and virtually unrivalled, Telegram has develop into increasingly popular lately. This is due to completely different features of the messenger which are better than Whatsapp either in terms of security or handling media files, everything is quite smooth.

Telegram is Cross-platform
Sure, indeed the WhatsApp is available for Android and iOS smartphones as an app (officially) along with the ability to apply it to the Web browser, nonetheless, Telegram is more than this. It is cross-platform within the true sense, the first advantage of Telegram is it formally not only available only as an app for Android & iOS platforms but it even covers Linux, Windows, macOS desktops including Windows smartphones. So, doesn’t matter which fashionable platform you’re on, Telegram is all the time there to attach you along with your cherished ones.

Open Supply
Telegram is a cloud-based whose consumer-side app code is open source, nonetheless, the server-side source is closed. Yes, empathically, its provided API is not going to that a lot great for builders as it not going to allow an individual to create an independent app with separate servers or data; instead, the created app will use the same Telegram servers along with accounts and data.

Second thing in case you develop some messaging shopper app utilizing Telegram open source code then as per their license you have to publish the supply code of the same on Github. Total, being an open-supply doesn’t sound that much great, maybe if somebody desires to create something better for their own or buddies usage then it is an option. If you wish to use your own client app with Telegram; you will have to register the identical here.

Account Self Destruction
Just like WhatsApp or another on the spot messaging, the Telegram additionally makes use of the phone number to create an account. For verification, it makes use of an SMS. A consumer can delete its account any time with all data stored on Telegram servers, however, besides this, there may be one more attention-grabbing option known as Self Destruction, which as soon as set, the app will automatically delete the person account and its related data in a given quantity of time.

The advantage of this, suppose you’re new to Telegram and after creating an account, in case you didn’t prefer it and both you deleted the app or your phone gets misplaced, in both the situations your account will automatically get deleted from the Telegram servers, as soon as it reaches the set time threshold. You pre-define time period are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Telegram Cloud-based mostly messages
The cloud-primarily based messaging function is without doubt one of the biggest advantages of Telegram in my view. It offers an upper hand to Telegram over Whatsapp. So what occurs, in different messaging apps all of your media files and data stored locally on your phone whether it is an image, video, music or something else which finally eat up all of your local storage space. Nevertheless, with Telegram, this isn’t a problem, all media files together with chat store on the Telegram secure cloud servers and remain there till and unless you want to download a few of the files manually to avoid wasting in your local storage. Yes, the cache will probably be created by the app on local storage. See: Find out how to set up the Telegram app on Ubuntu 19.04/Linux Mint?

Up to 1.5 gigabytes in measurement per file
Are you getting frustrated on Whatsapp while sending some big files? If yes then right here is one more advantage of Telegram which is its ability to send bigger files. In contrast to WhatsApp that only enable sending files up to 16MB to 100MB( depending on file type); the Telegram customers can share pictures, videos, audio messages and different files as much as 1.5 gigabytes in measurement per file.

forty eight hours message revoke
Unlike Whatsapp, the customers of Telegram can edit or delete their despatched messages up to forty eight hours. This means you might have plenty of time to right your mistakes or typo errors. It permits a consumer to delete from single message to whole chat any time from the beginning with none time limit. Moreover, if the chat deletes process initiated by one consumer it automatically deletes the identical from the opposite person’s end including from Telegram servers. Thus, no strings connected in any respect…

Add Folks Nearby with out phone number
It is really annoying to add someone in your Immediate messenger because for that first one has to add her/his number into the phone’s local contact book and then have to refresh IM app to send a message; even in the event you don’t know that individual and just wish to send some single time message. This procedure ultimately creates a whole lot of contact junk on our phone. Telegram can save us from all these undesirable phone numbers saving tasks by simply permitting us to add them in our chat list utilizing GPS.

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