Visitor Visas To The United States And The Presumption Of Immigration

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Visitor Visas To The United States And The Presumption Of Immigration

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An individual applies for and receives a ten year B1 Visa to visit family. At the border, the inspecting immigration officer annotates Form I-94 (white card stapled inside of passport) by hand authorizing only a 90 day period of admission. The visitor, believing the visa authorizes his stay in the U.S. for the next 10 years, does not realize that the annotated Form I-94 limits his period of stay and he remains in the U.S. for 10 months.

Foreign exchange to carry- Each Indian passenger is allowed to buy $5000, maximum, every calendar year, through many nationalized banks and private traders under FTS (foreign travel scheme). Try to take the US currency as much as you can from your home country, based on your requirement and the plans in USA. Make sure to declare the amount you are carrying with you at USA airport to the custom authorities.

Initially, you have to decide on which ski resort to venture to. It is important to select what kinds of terrain you like riding and what your level of skill is. You should avoid travelling to a ski resort with a significant amount of advanced terrain if you’re a beginner. Understand that the kind of snow you’d like to have should be considered as part of your selection process. If you want to ride deep powder, it’s essential to go to a resort that has a high annual snowfall and possibly a high altitude. The high altitude helps to keep the snow dry and powdery.

Every time a foreign national applies for a visitor visa (commonly referred to as a “tourist visa”) to the United States, that person must overcome the presumption that their intention is to immigrate to the U.S.

Qualifying for the physical presence test requires that you be in a foreign country or countries for 330 out of 365 consecutive days. Failing by a single day could cost you $35k or more of tax. Plan your year end travel carefully. See my article “Counting the Days to Save Taxes With Form 2555” for more details. Also see the chart on my web site (link below) to guide you through this maze.

If you are coming without a job offer, be ready to work doing anything: cleaning, picking fruits, painting, barista, etc. Brush up other skills that you might have learned or that are your hobby. Good carpenters, electricians or mechanics earn good money in New Zealand. In some cases they earn the same or more than white collar professionals.

You should also demonstrate that you are properly classifiable as visitors under U.S. law. You have to provide evidence that shows the purpose of the trip and the proposed intent to depart the United States. You should also prove that you have adequate finance to to cover the costs of the trip.

Technically, there is nothing preventing you from doing so. You and your fiance(e) can get married in the United States while he/she is on social visit. Your fiance(e) get even get a “permanent resident” status. However, anytime this fraud is discovered, your fiance(e) will be deported back home and may even be barred from entering the United States!

Documents- You must take 4 to 5 Xerox copies of your travel documents like passport, visa etc and leave them with your close relatives/friends. This will help you in case you lose original documents during travel. One small hand pouch with belt to put it across your neck is a good idea to carry all original and important documents.

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