The Gift Of Santa

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The Gift Of Santa

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It is Christmas! The children are opening their gifts.
They are happy to receive gifts from Santa Claus. Have you also looked for your gift by Santa? No, as an adult you don’t believe in Santa! But he does exist. Go, see in the stockings hung near the fire place. There are gifts from Santa for you. GO! It looks empty!
Put your hand into it. There is nothing here. Search well; there are gifts from Santa there. Are you alive? Yes! Well that is one of the gift Santa has left for you. Life in the universe evolved against tremendous odds. We may be the only form of life in this vast universe.

To be born in human form is another great privilege. To be alive is the greatest gift from Santa. Thousands of people have died the previous night—natural deaths, death by disease, accident, murders, ormekur til kat uden recept and suicides. Celebrate, you are alive. Put your hand again in the sock.

Now you have got the knack of it. You got something in your hand. What is it? Gift of health! You are healthy (barring, may be, slight hangover and tiredness from overeating and lack of sleep)! How miserable you would have been if you were sick and bed-ridden. Thank Santa for his gift of health.

Let this time your spouse search the sock for you. What is it? You and your children and parents and grand-parents surrounding you agree that the hand is really empty this time. Well, at least you are surrounded by your family. Family is the gift which Santa has given this time.
Home sweet home! A home is made of a loving family. What a great gift! Now, even your children have become enthusiastic. Your daughter dips her hand. Lo, and behold! There is a rainbow in her palm. This is the gift of nature. Nature which not only sustains you, but is also the source of infinite happiness for you.

The golden sun, the silvery moon, blue sky, cool breeze, diamond like stars, all this is for you—infinite, unlimited, and free. How did Santa squeeze so much in a sock! Your son puts his hand in the sock. He comes up empty. Your daughter giggles. The brother is so clumsy.
But he is smiling. The gift is not on his palm. It is on his lips. The gift of smile. The gift of happy, positive, and worry-free attitude. Ultimately, all happiness is in the mind only. He has got the key to all happiness. There are so many other gifts there.

But after getting the key to all happiness, there is no need to search more. Santa has left some intangible gift also. Something which is still lingering in the room like a whiff of fragrance. It is in the room, it is outside, it is all over the world on this Christmas.
It is love! The greatest gift to mankind from Santa. Love your family, love your neighbor, love your friends, love all. It will come back manifold more. Treasure your gifts. Thank Santa. Keep the gifts safe the year round. Next year Santa will renew them.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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