Sms Printers – A New Method For Online Ordering

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Sms Printers – A New Method For Online Ordering

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Restaurants and online ordering companies are now using a new method to receive orders and bookings.

SMS printer is a new system that enables restaurants to get their orders directly from text messages through a SMS printer. The SMS printer is a small, portable, standalone device for receiving and printing text messages sent to it. Through the SMS printer restaurants do not have to worry about getting their orders wrong as the SMS printer delivers messages exactly as the sender intended in textual format. SMS messages are printed on 58mm thermal receipt paper.

The SMS printer can be used to provide an interface between the restaurant website and the kitchen staff. All the customers need to do is place and pay for an order on the restaurant’s website. The site will then forward the order to the SMS printer where the restaurant’s kitchen staff will receive the text message and airport transfer process the order.

Through the SMS printer, incorrect orders will be a thing of the past as the kitchen will receive the exact order that was submitted by the customer through the website. Delays in receiving orders or calling the restaurant can also be avoided as everything can be done electronically as fast as possible through the online capabilities of the Internet and mobile SMS network. Customers do not have to search for a menu, pick up the phone, dial their favourite takeaway and wait for their calls to be answered anymore. All they have to do is visit the takeaway website, fill out the order form and click ‘submit’. Their orders will be automatically sent to the restaurant for processing through the text message-printer.

SMS printer has been designed hire driver and car developed with restaurants and fast food outlets in mind, but is not restricted to these niches, the SMS printer is perfect where orders are taken from customers or from a dispatcher or taxis and delivery drivers receive instructions on new pickups/deliveries. The SMS printer caters to any market where messages need to be conveyed quickly and efficiently to a remote party.

The SMS printer also contains a feature that enables the user to control when text messages are printed by pushing a button. This button also indicates if there is a message waiting to be printing, once the message is printed the operator has the option of using the 2 way communication function, this can be configured to tell the customer if the restaurant is open or closed, accept reject of even confirm delivery time.

The SMS printer allows you to print text messages according to the most cost effective contract or PAYG SIM card of your choice. It uses a standard SIM card that can be purchased at almost any mobile phone retailer outlet, which are the same type that are used in mobile phones, private transfer no need for long contracts and expensive data tariffs. SMS printer really is the way forward for you online ordering business.

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