Rainy Day – Janel Parrish 5

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Rainy Day – Janel Parrish 5

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In the “Bratz” movie, due out Aug. 3, the dolls come to life as high school girls who vow to keep their friendship together even though their different interests in school are pulling them apart.

The Bratz fit into four different cliques. Janel Parrish plays Jade, the scientist; Skyler Shaye plays the jock, Cloe; Nathalia Ramos plays Yasmin, the singer-journalist; and Logan Browning plays Sasha, the cheerleader.

In their new school, Carry Nation High, 전주 안마 the foursome discovers how difficult to navigate the high school’s social structure, which is based firmly on cliques. They decide that they should take a stand against pressure.

“Bratz – Original Movie Soundtrack” Track Listing1. Rock Star – Prima J 2. Fearless – Daechelle 3. Love Is Wicked – Brick & Lace 4. Rainy Day – Janel Parrish 5. Open Eyes – The Bratz 6. Heartburn – NLT 7. It’s All About Me – Chelsea Staub in the role of “Meredith” 8. Now or Never – Orianthi 9. Out From Under – Joanna 10. In Crowd – Sean Stewart 11. Express Yourself – Black Eyed Peas ft. Apl de Ap 12. My Life – Slumber Party Girls 13. Go Go – Jibbs 14. It Doesn’t Get Better Than This – Alex Band 15. Saying Goodbye – Matt White 16. Invisible – Ashlee Simpson 17. Alter Ego – Clique Girlz 18. Tell Me – Dropping Daylight 19. If This Is – Lifehouse 20. Fabulous – Chelsea Staub in the role of “Meredith”

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