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LG Cell Phones

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LG Electronics is comprised of four main business companies such as Cellular Communications, Digital Appliance, Digital Display, and Digital Media.

LG cellular phones are opening up a more exciting and enjoyable world, a globe that begins with the “dream-come-true” technologies of LG Electronics. LG Electronics’ Cellular Communications Company pursues digital convergence and ubiquitous connectivity, offering future core digital technologies on wired and wireless handsets including LG cellular phones.

The Mobile Communications Company is supplying world-class CDMA, GSM and 3G LG cell phones to approximately 70 countries worldwide, such as the U.S., and numerous European, Asian, and Central and South American nations. This division has enabled LG cellular phones to become the leader in the worldwide CDMA mobile phone marketplace, and has allowed LG cellular phones to garner attention being a dark horse in the 3G marketplace. With Cellular Communication Company’s cutting-edge technologies, outstanding product leadership, solid partnerships with major worldwide operators, and aggressive brand marketing, LG cell phone brand is rapidly becoming a worldwide leader.

In this era of digital convergence where various digital devices such as game machines, digital cameras, MP3 players, TVs, PDAs, and GPS navigators are being combined, the Cellular Communication Company is endeavoring to bring this innovative world of cellular networks to buyers through a plethora of LG cell phones. LG Electronics was the world’s very first organization to unveil a CDMA platform-based digital LG cell phone. This digital CDMA LG cell phone handset shifted from analogue phone to futuristic multimedia handset, enabling data transmission. LG Electronics is now striving to lead the global cellular service industry with improvement of cutting-edge, trendsetting LG cell phone handsets.

Accurate assessments regarding the future potential of 3G mobile services prompted early investment and development of 3G mobile phones. Consequently, LG Electronics was well positioned to supply a large quantity of WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) LG cell phone handsets to European 3G mobile operators. LG Electronics was also selected as the supplier of 3G mobile handsets for Cingular, the largest cellular operator in the U.S. Consequently, LG Electronics has solidified a position as the third strongest player available in the market, and has laid the groundwork for entering the two largest 3G handset markets, Europe and North America.

The company’s success is driven by a seemingly never-ending lineup of cutting-edge wireless devices, including the signature dual internal/external LCD clamshell-style LG cellular phones. These deliver features that buyers clamor for, such as external organic electro-luminescent displays (OEL), embedded cameras, a whole plethora of included and downloadable ringers, plus an easy-to-navigate icon-driven menu system. Additional growth and awareness of LG cell phones has been achieved through the introduction of carrier and retailer assistance programs that make sure strong sell-through of its items in regional markets.

One of the goals of LGE is to further establish its position being a North American manufacturer with high value-added CDMA wireless LG cellular phones, while offering customer-driven integrated solutions for cellular communications. The organization aims in achieving this via a broader offering of cutting-edge LG cellular phones that combine mobile phone functionality with smart device capabilities.

Newest from the LG regime

LG Electronics and Cingular Wireless launched two new LG cell phone handsets, the C2000 low cost clamshell camera phone and the lightweight, excellent value C1500 clamshell phone. Both of these new GSM LG cell phones come with more information on robust cellular handset capabilities and support Cingular’s newest and greatest multimedia providers, such as Instant Messaging and Music Tones offering a complete cellular experience.

These LG cell phone handsets incorporate the latest advances in design and technologies from LG and provide robust and feature-rich LG cell phones across a spectrum of price points, so buyers usually have a option when they select an LG cellular phone.

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