777 copies of Windows 7 for Seven Houses, Netherlands, says Microsoft seven times fast

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777 copies of Windows 7 for Seven Houses, Netherlands, says Microsoft seven times fast

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-text ⅽ-gray-1″ >Not content with letting a good numeric opportunity pass it by, Microsoft Netherlands has announced that it’ll be handing out up to 777 copies of Windows 7 to residents of the small town of Zevenhuizen, the name of which translates to ” tilt tսrn (www.alibaba.com) bay bow sеѵen houses.” The installation requirements are a bit peculiar, however, as Microsoft won’t actually give you a disc, instead opting to either make you ship it to them or actually bring a technician to your house to do the dirty work. The offer isn’t valid to Windows employees, those younger than 18 years, or people who use Macs or Linux machines as their primary computer — however they prove that. Zevenhuizen residents who read Engadget (hallo!) can point their browsers to the read link for all the relevant details — signups end tomorrow, and installations will occur from October 17th through October 23rd.

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