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The next decision you need to make is whether you are purchasing component or coaxial replacement speakers. Broadly speaking, component setups will offer better audio than coaxial speakers, but they’re more expensive and might require a more custom setup. Most of the time, coaxial speakers will likely be lead OE replacements, provided that you match up the size.

Tools You Want

If your speakers came with a new harness, plug into your new speaker’s terminals. If not, make the proper connections so that you can send an audio signal to your speakers. Evaluation the New Speaker. Before you tighten the speaker set up, you might want to give it a quick test to be certain it’s working. If you are installing coaxial speakers, this is basically all you have to do before reassembling your dashboard, door, or back deck.

Another specification to search for is a speaker’s sensitivity, often called SPL. It’s rated in decibels and describes how much power a speaker needs to put out a given quantity. What you want to understand is that speakers with higher sensitivity need less power, so if you’re utilizing a factory head unit that does not provide a great deal of power, get a set of speakers that are high.

As we mentioned earlier, all vehicles will have a different disassembly procedure when it comes to obtaining the factory speakers. 1) Allen wrenches 2) Crimping tools 3) Drill with bits 4) Electrical tape 5) File 6) Flat head screwdriver 7) Panel popper 8) Phillips screwdriver 9) Socket wrench 10) Soldering iron and iron 11) Torx drivers and bits 12) Wire cutter/wire stripper

As soon as you are able to access the speaker, remove the grille if necessary then head over to the”General Steps” section about the best way to substitute the speaker.

What About Components? If you’re installing a component set, you will probably have to install a crossover and find a location to mount your separate tweeter. That normally involves drilling and cutting into your door or even A-pillar, should you wish to mount the tweeter there. This can be a more habit process, which explains the reason why coaxial replacements are suggested for direct OE replacement upgrades.

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