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What’s Really Happening With Religious Order

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SC2 – Protoss Dark Templar Rush Tutorial Guide & Strategy
A lot of people point out that dark templar rushes are for “noobs”, though the thing is because they may be effective on many levels. Especially against an adversary it doesn’t provide an observer or cannons when you actually have the dark templars locked and loaded. (If you’re playing against a Protoss obviously).
Here is are step-by-step tutorial on how you are able to reach your goals in performing the dark templar rush and making a wonderful, quick, easy win for you against your opponent.
The Dark Knights Templar Patch Rush – Step by Step
This could be the build for early dark templars for that protoss. You desire to create a few of these structures at your ramp and create form of a choke point so that one zealot should be able to handle a great deal of units.
First coming from all, you would like to ensure you make a pylon at 9. You want to ensure following this pylon is created, that you chrono boost 2 probes and possess them immediately start mining.
You want to make certain that you just are developing a gateway once you reach 150 minerals and so are at 12 gateway.
You wish to build 2 more probes and ensure they may be chrono boosted, these needs to be built simultaneously in your gateway.
At 13 give you are going to wish to build your first assimilator and immediately put 3 probes into it so that you are able to get full gas out of it. You are going to realize that you just are likely to be approaching another supply cap, to avoid this.
You need to construct your 2nd pylon, and you wish to ensure which you are actually scouting your attacker and making sure that there isn’t any kind of rush or anything. If you see that there is no rush, you would like to wait for a stalker. If you see a rush is on its way depending on your opponents build order, you would like to make certain bring in a zealot.
At 18 you wish to be sure to are warping inside a cybernetics core, and spend some chrono boosts on warpgate research asap following the C-core is finishing.
You are almost likely to be supply capped at 18/19, you wish to then building not your your first assimilator.
The Second Part
Now hopefully you happen to be off scotch free, as well as in the perfect world, you might be not being harassed by your attacker. (maybe they’re playing turtle)
You desire to make sure you are creating a twilight council, try to keep an eye on your opponent and be sure there is no early game rush.
Now if you might be playing against a Terran or Protoss, you will desire to develop a stalker for a lot of protection and tactic purposes, if you’re playing Zergs, you wish to produce a zealot to ward off melee units very easily.
Create your 2nd gateway at, and also at 22 supply, create and when you might be at 23 supply, warp inside your 3rd and 4th gateway, make certain that you are building a pylon shortly after that at 24/25 supply.
At 26 supply you wish to be sure to develop a dark shrine, and at the same time frame you’re going to desire to warp in some defenders, build a sentry, but 1 or 2 since they cost a lot of gas, and just make anyone to block the ramp, which will help because dark shrine will not be ready yet.
34 – Make sure which you create some defense and warp in most dark templars, create and send as many as possible, and you need a lot more against protoss because photon cannons are killer.
Quick List Build Order
9 – Create Pylon
10 – 2 probes (Chrono Boost)
12 – Gateway – Build at 25 minerals
12 – Create 2 probes
13 – 1st Assimilator (3 probes onto it)
16 – 2nd Pylon
*16 – Zealot, loose time waiting for stalker if no rush
18 – Cybernetics Core (Chrono Boost on Warpgate, research as soon as Cybernetics Core finishes)
18/19 – Create 2nd Assimilator
20 – BuildTwilight Council
*19/20 – Stalker (Terran or Protoss) or perhaps a Zealot (Zerg)
22 – 2nd Gateway
23 – 3rd & 4th Gateway
24/25 – 3rd Pylon
25/26 — Dark Shrine
26 – Warpgate finishes, transform your Gateways and build another Pylon
26 – Warp some sentries for defense (about 1 or 2)
34 – Create mass Dark Templars and Rush

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