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Ricardo Santos Vazquez, Jaime Guatemala Nino and Francisco Jimenez Garcia

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MEXICO CITY – A car exploded Thursday in the northern city of Monterrey as a military convoy chasing a suspicious vehicle was passing it. No one was injured, authorities said.

Police in Nuevo Leon state, where Monterrey is located, are trying to determine if the car was loaded with explosives or if assailants threw grenades at it, said a military official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

Photographs of the scene showed an almost-disintegrated small car and the damaged metal door of an auto repair shop. The explosion caused no other reported damage.

The troops were on a routine patrol in Monterrey when they spotted a suspicious car carrying several men and gave chase.

The industrial city of Monterrey has seen a spike in drug violence since early 2010, when the Gulf drug cartel and the Zetas began a fierce fight for control of the city and its metropolitan area.

Drug traffickers first used explosives against authorities in July 2010, when a car bomb aimed at federal police officers exploded in Ciudad Juarez, killing three and wounding nine. The following months, three other car bombs were detonated in Ciudad Victoria, capital of the border state of Tamaulipas.

Also Thursday, a federal judge sentenced four military officers to more than 29 years in prison for giving drug traffickers information on police operations, the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

The four soldiers, three lieutenants and a captain were arrested in June 2009 as part of a widespread corruption probe known as “Operation Clean House.”

The officers were linked to drug lords Ismael Zambada and the Beltran Leyva brothers, the statement said.

They were giving them “information that allowed them to evade justice and operate with impunity.”

The military officers are Capt. Jose Manuel Reyes, and Lts. Ricardo Santos Vazquez, Jaime Guatemala Nino and 부산중구출장샵 Francisco Jimenez Garcia. Each received a sentence of 29 years, four months and 15 days in prison, federal prosecutors said.

They also have to pay fines ranging from $13,600 to $122,000.

Federal prosecutors didn’t say where the officers were working while allegedly collaborating with drug traffickers or how long they allegedly passed information to them.

Zambada is one of the leaders of the Sinaloa drug cartel, Mexico’s most powerful. The Beltran Leyva brothers were once part of the same cartel but they split after the 2008 arrest of Alfredo Beltran Leyva.

Navy sailors and customs agents also found 24 metric tons of precursor chemicals in two containers when inspecting a ship in the Pacific seaport of Manzanillo coming from Busan, South Korea. The containers were from Shanghai, said a Thursday statement by the Mexican navy.

Mexican authorities have made major busts of large labs with such chemicals and meth this year, signaling an expansion of methamphetamine production possibly by the Sinaloa drug cartel, the country’s most powerful.

Mexico is the primary source of meth to the United States and most of Mexico’s precursor chemicals come from Asia.

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She’s got it in her

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NEW YORK (CBS) After Audrina Patridge was booted off “Dancing with the Stars” last week, her mom, Lynn Patridge, had no reservations about sharing her feelings on the surprise elimination.

PICTURES: “DWTS” Season 11

While outside of Eva Longoria’s Los Angeles restaurant Beso on Wednesday, the elder Patridge jumped on the opportunity to tell paparazzi in an expletive-filled rant that her daughter is destined for bigger and better things.

Meanwhile, “Dancing With The Stars” continues its 11th-season competition tonught with another celebrity going home on Tuesday.

“Audrina is going to f—ing rise. She’s got class. You know why? She’s a Polish, Catholic, f—ing full-on Italian,” she slurred to Hollywoodtv.com while holding a cigarette. “Not only that, she was raised right. And I don’t give a s–t. It’s all American.”

“I’ve been a celebrity mom for eight years through this ‘Hills’ bull-,” she added, “but Audrina is going to the next level. She’s got it in her. She’s a sweetie.”

She also called Audrina’s former “Hills” co-stars “tramps,” and in particular took jabs at Lauren Conrad.

“We’re going to f—ing smoke, especially Lauren Conrad’s pissy a– little fashion s—,” she said, referring to Audrina’s newly signed VH1 reality show deal. “That b—h wants to bring it on? Let’s go!”

A day after the video of her alcohol-induced tirade hit the web, Patridge apologized for her words and behavior.

In an statement, obtained by E! Online, 부산중구출장샵 Patridge said, “I am sincerely sorry for the negative things I said in the heat of the moment.”

“As a mother, there is no pain in this world like seeing your children upset. I am so proud of my daughter and all she has accomplished on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I was extremely emotional after her elimination – it just came as such a shock. I want to apologize for offending anyone.”

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웹하드 순위 추천

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최신 웹하드 순위 및 웹하드 리뷰 , 관련 다시보기 토렌트 정보를 한눈에 보실 수 있습니다. 하지만 조치가 시작되자마자 청와대 국민청원 게시판과 온라인 커뮤니티 등을 중심으로 지나친 규제라는 반발이 일고 있다. 13일 청와대 국민청원 게시판에 올라온 불법사이트 차단 반대 청원에는 10만명이 넘는 추천이 올라오기도 했다. 사이트 차단 반대 의견의 주된 요지는 이것이 인터넷 검열의 시초가 될 우려가 있다는 점과 음란물 규제 발상 자체가 시대착오적이라는 점이다. 사이트들 중에 본인이 누릴 수 있는 혜택이 많고 또 사용하기 편리한곳을 선택해 이용하시면 안전하게 p2p사이트를 이용하실 수 있으십니다. 대신에 웹 사이트 기능에 집중하고, 강력한 Azure 플랫폼을 사용하여 사이트에 대한 보안 액세스 권한을 제공할 수 있습니다. 카페 바에 대한 정보는 호텔 사이트에도 있습니다.웹사이트 제작

신규웹하드순위 정보를 소개하게 되어 감회가 새롭습니다. 위에 있는 신규웹하드 추천정보에 있는 곳들은 무인증이 대부분이니 걱정하지 마시고 이용하시길 바랍니다. 본 웹 사이트의 편의성과 간결성을 위해 조직, 회사, 성인 웹 사이트 당사와 같은 용어가 Lloyd’s Register 그룹에 속해 있는 하나 이상의 기업에 대한 간략한 언급으로 때때로 사용됩니다. 기본적으로 Kaspersky Ꮪmall Office Security은 브라우저에서 웹사이트를 열 때 보안 연결을 설정하지 않습니다. 자신의 웹사이트를 따라하거나 빈 HTML파일을 만들어 연습 할 수 있습니다. 선적 당시 귀하에게 적용되는 UРS 요율과 서비스 안내 및 (귀하에게 적용되는 한도까지의) UPS Tariff는 귀하가 이 웹사이트를 통해 사용하시는 UPS 수송 서비스 및 다른 관련된 서비스를 지배하며, 이는 또한 본 웹사이트 이용약관 및 서비스 합의서에 제공된 거래에 적용될 수 있는 다른 모든 조건이나 조항의 지배를 받습니다.웹사이트 디자인 템플릿

음성으로 전화를 걸거나 문자를 보내고, 음악 재생, 알림, 이메일 확인, 웹사이트 등 다양한 작업을 실행할 수 있습니다. 폭이 넓은 웹 페이지나 이미지를 인쇄하는 경우는 가로를 선택합니다. 파일론 제휴없음 무료포인트 800 제공 신규 최근 2018 오픈된 웹하드 사이트로 자료량이 풍부하며 제휴없이 이용이 가능합니다. 2014년 구글은 보안의 중요성을 언급하며 앞으로 HTTPS 보안 프로토콜을 사용하는 웹사이트에 대해 HTTP 일반 프로토콜을 사용하는 웹사이트보다 더 높은 점수를 부여할 것이라고 발표했습니다. 현재 KT는 일부 사이트 접속을 완전히 막았고 다른 통신사도 곧 차단할 계획이다. 달라스 오크론 플라자에 본사가 있는 광고 웹사이트인 백페이지닷컴()이 상원 보고서가 있은 뒤 자진해서 ‘성인(grownup)’ 섹션을 제거했다.

이에 저희는 ‘워드프레스 웹 사이트 사례’ 시리즈를 통해 해외 웹 사이트 트렌드를 소개하고, 워드프레스로 구현 가능한 유니크하고 감각적인 웹 사이트 사례 모음집을 만들고자 합니다. 하지만 매일 실시간으로 확인하기는 힘들기 때문에 제가 확인했을 당시에는 위의 기준에 적합했지만, 사이트 운영의 변화로 선정기준에 적합하지 않게 된 사이트가 있을 수 있습니다. 추천 토렌트 사이트 순위를 선정하여 소개해봅니다. 이 사이트에는 대학 개인 사이트에서만 볼 수있는 많은 자료가 있으며 카테고리를 쉽게 찾아 볼 수 있습니다. 가능한 한 안전하고 즐겁게 사이트를 경험할 수 있도록 노력하는 AdultFriendFinder 은 부모님들이 아이들을 온라인상의 부적절한 내용으로부터 보호할 수 있는 방법을 도와드리고자 합니다.웹사이트 이미지 일괄 다운로드

소라Ⲭ은 대표적인 불법 성인사이트로 찍혀 정부의 강력한 단속이 이뤄지면서 인터넷 상에서 자취를 감췄다. 안랩(대표 권치중)은 최근 일명 ‘갓모드(God Mode)’라는 공격기법을 악용해 성인 웹사이트를 대상으로 악성코드를 유포하는 사례를 발견했다고 8일 밝혔다. 는 웹사이트에 대한 검색엔진 로봇들의 접근을 조절해주고 제어해주고 로봇들에게 웹사이트의 사이트맵이 어디 있는지 알려주는 역할을 합니다. 제가 정리한 순위는 토렌트마다 장단점을 쉽게 보실 수 있게 정리해 여러분들이 쉽게 원하는 사이트를 선택할 수 있게 습니다. 기존에도 불법 유해사이트 차단이 이뤄졌으나 지금부터는 이보다 상위 단계에서 접속을 막을 방침이다. 어떠한 웹하드인지 쓸만한곳인지 정보와 순위를 확인해 보실수 있습니다.

가장 높은 수준의 웹 공격 차단 서비스(WAF)로 사이트를 향한 공격을 완벽히 방어합니다. 보안 연결 사용 옵션을 선택한 경우 가상 서버 선택 드롭다운 목록에서 이 웹사이트 카테고리에 대해 보안 연결을 설정하려는 국가 를 지정하십시오. 웹사이트에 게재된 불법적 활동에 대해 이 불법 광고를 올려준 해당 웹사이트가 아닌 제3자가 책임을 지게 한다는 법 때문에 교묘하게 제재를 피할 수 있었던 것이다. 이용자들은 불만을 토로하고 있다. 특히 성인사이트를 막은 것에 크게 반발하고 있다. 불법 유해사이트 기준을 명확하게 특정하지 않은 채 불법이 아닌 성인사이트까지 정부 차원에서 금지하는 것은 과도한 제재 아니냐는 지적이다. 사이트 URL: 사이트 주소를 클릭하시면, 해당 토렌트 사이트를 새 창으로 방문”할 수 있습니다.

이같은 피해를 줄이기 위해서는 ▲의심되는 웹사이트 방문 자제 ▲OS 및 인터넷 브라우저.SW 등 프로그램 최신 버전 유지 및 보안 패치 적용 ▲백신 프로그램 설치 ▲자동 업데이트 및 실시간 감시 기능 실행 등이 필요하다. 사이트 신규 개편으로 인해 깔끔한 레이아웃 그리고 빠른 속도와 최신 자료량을 보여주고 있습니다. Alibaba.com은 18 인도 성인 웹 사이트 상품을 제공합니다. 별도의 계약서로 정해진 경우를 제외하고, 본 이용약관은 웹사이트와 웹사이트를 통해 제공되는 모든 애플리캐이션, 소프트웨어 및 서비스 (집합적으로, “서비스”)에 대한 귀하의 사용을 지배합니다. 성인 사이트.포르노 사이트에 접속하는 순간, 띄어 놓은 화면 녹화가 시작되는 신종 악성 소프트웨어가 발견됐다.웹사이트 이미지 일괄 다운로드

웹하드 순위와 쿠폰은 항시 업데이트 됩니다. 귀하가 입력 프로세스에서 Workday에 제공한 정보와 웹사이트 방문 시 수집된 귀하에 관한 기타 정보는 그 시점에 유효한 Workday 개인정보 보호정책 의 적용을 받습니다. 이 웹사이트를 방문할 때마다 애플리케이션은 선택된 동작을 수행합니다. 이 웹 사이트에는 진행 추적, 연습 문제 및 교육 도구와 같은 다른 기능이 포함되어있어 비디오 보충 자료로 사용됩니다. 단순한 아이디어 구상부터, 블로그, 비즈니스 홍보, 작품 전시, 온라인 쇼핑몰 관리까지, 웹사이트의 가능성은 여전히 무궁무진합니다. 국내 웹, 모바일 디자인 사이트를 모아놓은 곳이며, 접속자 수를 확인하여 디자이너들이 어떤 사이트를 많이 확인하는지 알 수 있습니다.

성인을위한 10 킬러 온라인 무료 교육 웹 사이트,이 기사는 최고의 교육 웹 사이트에 대한 통찰력을 제공하여 최대 만족을 줄 것입니다. 웹 사이트에 개인화 전략을 실행함으로써 기업과 고객 모두가 다양한 이점을 얻을 수 있습니다. 귀하와 Workday, Ӏnc.(미국 내 거주 시) 또는 Workday Limited(미국 외 거주 시) 간의 법적 구속력을 갖는 본 Workday 웹사이트 이용약관(“약관”)을 주의 깊게 읽어 보십시오. 5.불법 무료 영화 어플,드라마TV다시보기어플 성인 동영상 다시보기 어플 및 사이트는 절대 정보를 제공하지않습니다. 성인웹하드(p2p) 무료 성인사이트 순위티비다시보.기사이트,영화다운로드사이트,신규노제휴사이트,기타 다운로드사이트순위와 웹하드순위 참조.웹사이트 이미지 일괄 다운로드

Β. 서비스 이용 분석: 쿠키를 통해 수집된 정보는 방문객이 웹사이트를 어떻게 이용하는지를 분석하고 웹사이트 이용에 관한 리포트를 준비하기 위한 목적으로 사용됩니다. 웹하드 업체에서 기술본부장을 지낸 김현진씨(가명)는 헤비 업로드의 역할은 ‘이벤트 사이트’와 관련이 있다고 말했다. 매체에 따르면 발견된 악성코드 명은 바레니키(Varenyky)이며, 사용자 PC에 잠복해 있다가 사용자가 포르노.성인 사이트에 접속하면 화면 녹화를 시작한다. Workday는 웹사이트에서 제공되는 타사 콘텐츠 또는 링크로 연결된 웹사이트에 대한 책임을 지지 않습니다. 그럼 다음에 더 유익한 정보로 찾아 뵙겠습 토큰 10081 티비 방송 다시보기 다운로드 영화 성인 첫결제 없는 신규 노제휴 p2p 제휴없는 웹하드 추천 순위 FINEST.

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These watchdogs track solution online censorship throughout the globe

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chemicals newsid=”short article-physique” segment=”articleBody”> Soon soon after leaving Ethiopia’s Bole Addis Ababa International Airport in a experience-hail auto before this calendar year, Moses Karanja faced an uncomfortable problem: He could not pay back his driver. Whilst he was riding into city, the condition-managed telecom shuttered internet entry, rendering the application useless. Neither Karanja nor the driver knew how a lot his excursion really should price tag.nnKaranja, a College of Toronto Ph.D. college student, fished out some hard cash and arrived to an arrangement with the driver. But the outage, which adopted a sequence of assassinations in the state in June, prompted Karanja to appear at how deep and extensive the shutdown was. He suspected some expert services, like WhatsApp, remained down even when other sections of the web came back up a number of days after the killings.nnThis tale is part of [REDACTED], CNET’s search at censorship all-around the entire world. nnRobert Rodriguez/CNET Karanja was proper. Functioning with a project called the Open up Observatory of Community Interference, which crowdsources web connectivity info from close to the entire world, he located that Facebook, Fb Messenger and the internet edition of WhatsApp ended up blocked soon after the initial outage, earning it challenging for a lot of Ethiopians to connect. The products and services were inaccessible in Ethiopia as a short while ago as August.nnData from OONI data gives a history of world wide web accessibility in destinations all-around the world where by authorities are not likely to admit they’ve blocked access, states Karanja, whose scientific tests concentration on the intersection of politics and the net. “You are absolutely sure to have a apparent snapshot of the net at a distinct stage in time in a unique spot,” he stated. nnOONI is just one of a handful of efforts to evaluate world wide online censorship, which is not generally as blatant as the shutdown Karanja witnessed in Ethiopia. At times a government targets pick websites, or calls for disabling of videos or filtering of images from chemicals news feeds. It all provides up to censorship. OONI and comparable tasks doc these makes an attempt to command what citizens can say or see. nnConcerns about censorship are a world wide phenomenon, even in liberal democracies. India, the world’s major democracy, recently shut down the internet in Kashmir as the Hindu nationalist occasion that qualified prospects the country sought to impose far more control over the Muslim bulk location. nnSubtler kinds of censorship, these kinds of as social media businesses eradicating content or limiting its attain, raise the hackles of a various team of people today, including YouTube performers, human rights activists and even President Donald Trump, who’s between the conservatives who say insurance policies used by social media organizations to fight faux news unfairly impact suitable-wing media. nnA collection of assassinations of government officers in Ethiopia again in June led to a times-prolonged web blackout. nnMichael Tewelde/Getty Visuals Researchers at OONI use a selection of network indicators submitted by volunteers that imply very little individually but can stage to interference when merged. The indicators can look like random quirks of the internet: 404 mistake messages and odd pop-up windows. OONI’s researchers, even so, use their knowledge to uncover the tactics at the rear of censorship. This allows them map what is actually been created invisible.nnArturo Filasto, an OONI founder, claims censorship usually means the written content you can see on the internet varies dependent on where you are in the planet. “There are quite a few parallel internets,” he says.nnThe obstacle, specially in authoritarian nations, is to measure and observe what is actually remaining blocked or eliminated, and why.nnLogging the designsnWith its open-supply OONI Probe software package, the OONI challenge addresses more than two hundred nations around the world, such as Egypt, Venezuela and Ukraine. Volunteers put in the OONI Probe app on their telephones, tablets and Mac or Linux personal computers (a beta model is at the moment accessible for all personal computers). The application periodically pings a preset list of internet sites and it information what gets sent again in reaction, identifying which internet sites are blocked, throttled or redirected.nnThe knowledge arrives in useful when web consumers start noticing unusual styles. In 2016, OONI researchers used data from volunteers to investigate reports of ongoing media censorship in Egypt. They discovered end users were typically staying redirected to pop-ups when they tried to accessibility web-sites operate by NGOs, information corporations and even porn web-sites. As an alternative of those people internet sites, some of the pop-up windows confirmed users adverts, and other individuals hijacked the processing power of a unit to mine for cryptocurrency. nnIt was even now going on in 2018, when attempts to achieve web-sites like the Palestinian Prisoner Culture and the UN Human Rights Council resulted in redirection.nnScreening the filtersnOnline censorship is just not confined to blocked web sites. Social media sites also filter information from news feeds and chats. In China, social media organizations are liable to the authorities for the written content that appears on their platforms and have signed a pledge to observe their products and services for politically objectionable written content, according to Human Rights Observe, an NGO. This prospects to a method that strictly limits dialogue of political matters. nnCompanies filter from users’ chats and information feeds any pictures that could violate the government’s criteria. The requirements usually are not usually clear to customers, and they transform about time. Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter, has twice tried out to purge LGBTQ content material from its platform, and it twice reneged immediately after sudden group outrage. Some written content could be filtered in the leadup to big gatherings and then authorized later on.nnResearchers at the Citizen Lab, a venture of the Munk College of Global Affairs and General public Plan at the College of Toronto, wished to discover how the filtering process works on WeChat, a Chinese messaging and social media application with more than 1 billion end users. So they used WeChat accounts registered to Canadian cellular phone numbers and sent messages to contacts with accounts registered to Chinese phone figures. The contacts documented what they could and couldn’t see on their close.nnImages of Winnie the Pooh were purged from Chinese social media web-sites right after Chinese chief Xi Jinping was likened to the cartoon bear. nnFrom remaining: Disney, Xinhua Information Company The researchers identified facts of how WeChat automates picture filtering, and observed that the company was updating its procedures in response to latest events. The filtering wasn’t constrained to the notorious “Tank Gentleman” photographs from the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations at Tiananmen Sq.. It bundled shots of existing information gatherings, this sort of as the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, the US-China trade war and the 2018 US midterm elections.nnThis is in line with nicely-recognised illustrations of purging, like when imagery of Winnie the Pooh was ordered to be expunged soon after netizens when compared the cartoon bear to Chinese leader Xi Jinping. nnChina’s condition capitalism model permits it to tune info in this way. Jeff Knockel, a postdoctoral fellow who led the Citizen Lab investigate, stated China can need the social media providers inside of its individual borders to filter illustrations or photos. Other international locations would have to block the entire world wide web or distinct web-sites to cease consumers from observing particular articles. nn“It enables the Chinese authorities to exert a finer stage of management on these platforms,” he claimed.nnTracking the takedownsnImage filtering takes place in the US and other democracies also. Faced with criticisms about the unfold of dislike speech and violent content material, Fb, YouTube and Twitter are establishing AI algorithms and hiring content moderators to cull what’s shown on their platforms. But therein lies an sudden problem. It truly is not generally straightforward to explain to irrespective of whether a movie made up of violence must be banned for endorsing terrorism or preserved as proof of human legal rights violations. Advocacy groups have stepped in to bring consideration to the issue and protect information and facts.nnWitness, a human rights group, trains world human legal rights activists to watch for takedowns of their films. The disappearance of these activists’ films can eliminate the only evidence of incidents of police brutality, crackdowns on protesters and military services strikes towards civilians.nnProjects this kind of as the Syrian Archive keep track of individuals takedowns in month to month reports. Commenced by Hadi al Khatib and Jeff Deutch in Berlin, the archive serves generally as a central firm to retail outlet and vet video clips. The group downloads videos of violence in the Syrian war posted to YouTube, which are occasionally afterwards eradicated by the social media site’s AI. The Syrian Archive then authenticates the videos and can make them readily available to human legal rights companies.nnVideos of terrorist or wartime violence are generally taken off social media platforms, but they can serve as vital documentation of human rights violations. Pictured is the aftermath of a car or truck bombing in Syria. nnPicture Alliance In 2017, the Syrian Archive discovered that YouTube took down about a hundred and eighty channels containing hundreds of thousands of films from Syria about the time the movie provider carried out new guidelines about eliminating violence and terrorist propaganda. One clip, for case in point, showed footage of destruction at 4 Syrian discipline hospitals as reporters explained the assaults that littered the services with rubble. Deutch explained his workforce helped prompt YouTube to restore most of the videos, but other people were lost from the platform. nnThere’s worth in trying to keep the films obtainable on social media platforms in addition to the Syrian Archive, Deutch explained. Movies on YouTube or Twitter have a lot more get to to make worldwide teams aware of atrocities, and the UN Protection Council cited movie evidence from YouTube in a report about chemical weapons in Syria.nn“The platforms them selves turned these accidental archives,” Deutch said.nnMeasuring realitynAfter the internet went down in Addis Ababa, Karanja, the Ph.D. college student, straight away made designs to depart the place, as the world wide web outage produced it impossible for him to sync up with his co-personnel in other nations around the world. So he flew to neighboring Kenya and labored from there. Continue to, the outage ongoing impacting him.nnKaranja tried using to contact his Ethiopian contacts from Kenya using WhatsApp, but the company was unreliable. So he had to use regular cell provider, which price a hundred moments additional than WhatsApp’s fees, he explained. nnThe inconvenience and cost bothered Karanja. But he figured he was blessed. The online is important to every day lifestyle and business enterprise close to the entire world, and several people in Africa’s next most populous state could not use the apps they’d occur to count on.nn”This is my tale: monetary reduction and inconvenience,” Karanja explained. “There are other folks who endured additional.”nnComments [Redacted] Tech Industry Electronic Media Hacking Privacy Huawei Notification on Notification off World wide web

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President Barack Obama told the Libyan people: “You have won your revolution.” Although the U.S

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The bloody, half-naked body of Muammar Qaddafi was deposited in Misrata Thursday, where the ex-dictator has become an attraction of sorts, with people lined up to take his picture.

It is fitting that he was brought to Misrata, as the city has become the symbol of the ex-rebel movement, having suffered a long, brutal siege at the hands of Qaddafi’s forces, and later turning into the seat of the rebel council.

Libyan officials said Qaddafi will be given a “secret burial,” according to Reuters. The use of a secret burial recalls America’s killing of Osama bin Laden, who was given a burial at sea to avoid leaving a shrine on land for his followers to gather at. It is unclear when or where Qaddafi’s secret burial will be, and it is also uncertain how long his body will be displayed to the public.

Once Libya’s dictator for 42 years, Qaddafi was ousted in an uprising-turned-civil war. He was killed Thursday as revolutionary fighters overwhelmed his hometown of Sirte and captured the last major bastion of resistance two months after his regime fell.

The 69-year-old Qaddafi is the first leader to be killed in the Arab Spring wave of popular uprisings that swept the Middle East, demanding the end of autocratic rulers and the establishment of greater democracy.

“We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Muammar Qaddafi has been killed,” Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril told a news conference in the capital of Tripoli.

There were conflicting accounts about Qaddafi’s final hours, with some in the interim government saying he was captured unharmed and later mortally wounded in the crossfire from both sides. A second account described how he was already wounded in the chest when he was seized and later sustained the other wounds.

CBS News correspondent David Martin reports that there are even rumors one of his own bodyguards killed him, hoping to spare his “master” the indignity of being captured.

Interim government officials said one of Qaddafi’s sons, his former national security adviser Muatassim, also was killed in Sirte, and another, 부산중구출장샵 one-time heir apparent Seif al-Islam, was wounded and captured.

Qaddafi’s death decisively ends a regime that had turned Libya into an international pariah and ran the oil-rich nation by the whim and brutality of its notoriously eccentric leader.

Libya stands on the cusp of a new era, but its turmoil may not be over. The former rebels who now rule are disorganized and face rebuilding a country virtually without institutions by Qaddafi’s design. They have already shown signs of infighting, with divisions between geographical areas and Islamist and more secular ideologies.

President Barack Obama told the Libyan people: “You have won your revolution.”

Although the U.S. briefly led the NATO bombing campaign in Libya that sealed Qaddafi’s fate, Washington later took a secondary role to its allies. Britain and France said they hoped that his death would lead to a more democratic Libya.

Arab broadcasters showed graphic images of the balding, goateed Qaddafi — wounded, with a bloodied face and shirt — but alive. Later video showed fighters rolling Qaddafi’s lifeless body over on the pavement, stripped to the waist and a pool of blood under his head.

(Below is a graphic video first aired on Al Jazeera showing what is apparently Qaddafi’s last moments alive, following his capture by rebels.)

Standing, he was shoved along a Sirte road by fighters who chanted “God is great.” Qaddafi appears to struggle against them, stumbling and shouting as the fighters push him onto the hood of a pickup truck.

He was driven around lying on the hood of a truck, according to the video. One fighter is seen holding him down, pressing on his thigh with a pair of shoes in a show of contempt.

“We want him alive. We want him alive,” one man shouted before Qaddafi is dragged away, some fighters pulling his hair, toward an ambulance.

Most accounts agreed Qaddafi had been holed up with heavily armed supporters in the last few buildings held by regime loyalists in the Mediterranean coastal town, where revolutionary fighters have been trying prevail for more than a month.

At one point, a convoy of about 100 cars tried to flee and was hit by NATO airstrikes, carried out by French warplanes. France’s Defense Minister Gerard Longuet said the 80-vehicle convoy was carrying Qaddafi and was trying to escape the city. The strikes stopped the convoy but did not destroy it, and then revolutionary fighters moved in on Qaddafi.

One fighter who said he was at the battle told AP Television News that the final fight took place at an opulent compound. Adel Busamir said the convoy tried to break out but after being hit, it turned back and re-entered the compound. Several hundred fighters attacked.

“We found him there,” Busamir said of Qaddafi. “We saw them beating him (Qaddafi) and someone shot him with a 9mm pistol … then they took him away.”

Military spokesman Col. Ahmed Bani in Tripoli told Al-Jazeera TV that a wounded Qaddafi “tried to resist (revolutionary forces) so they took him down.”

Fathi Bashaga, spokesman for the Misrata military council, whose forces were involved in the battle, said fighters encircled the convoy and exchanged fire. In one vehicle, they found Qaddafi, wounded in the neck, and took him to an ambulance. “What do you want?” Qaddafi asked the approaching revolutionaries, Bashaga said, citing witnesses.

Qaddafi bled to death from his wounds a half-hour later, he said. Fighters said he died in the ambulance en route to Misrata, 120 miles from Sirte.

Abdel-Jalil Abdel-Aziz, a doctor who accompanied the body in the ambulance and examined it, said Qaddafi died from two bullet wounds — to the head and chest.

“You can’t imagine my happiness today. I can’t describe my happiness,” he told The Associated Press. “The tyranny is gone. Now the Libyan people can rest.”

The account given by Jibril after a coroner’s investigation said Qaddafi was seized unharmed from a drainage pipe but was then shot in the hand and put in a pickup truck. In ensuing crossfire, Qaddafi was shot in the head, the government account said.

According to an account from Hassan Doua, a commander whose fighters found Qaddafi, the former leader already was wounded in the chest when he was seized near a large drainage pipe, and then was put in the ambulance.

Amnesty International urged the revolutionary fighters to report the full facts of how Qaddafi died, saying all members of the former regime should be treated humanely. The London-based rights group said it was essential to conduct “a full, independent and impartial inquiry to establish the circumstances of Col. Qaddafi’s death.”

After his death, Qaddafi’s body was paraded through the streets of Misrata on top of a vehicle surrounded by a large crowd chanting, “The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain,” according to footage aired on Al-Arabiya television. The fighters who killed Qaddafi are believed to have come from Misrata, a city that suffered a brutal weeks-long siege by Qaddafi’s forces during the eight-month civil war.

Celebratory gunfire and cries of “God is great” rang out across Tripoli. Motorists honked and people hugged each other. In Sirte, the ecstatic former rebels celebrated the city’s fall after weeks of fighting by firing endless rounds into the sky, pumping their guns, knives and even a meat cleaver in the air and singing the national anthem.

“We would have wanted him alive for trial. But personally, I think it is better he died,” Bashaga said.

The capture of Sirte, the death of Qaddafi, and the death and capture of his two most powerful sons, gives the transitional leaders confidence to declare the entire country “liberated.”

It rules out a scenario some had feared — that Qaddafi might flee deep into Libya’s southern deserts and lead a resistance campaign.

Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam told AP that Muatassim Qaddafi was killed in Sirte. Abdel-Aziz, the doctor who accompanied Qaddafi’s body in the ambulance, said Muatassim was shot in the chest.

The justice minister said Qaddafi’s son and one-time heir apparent, Seif al-Islam, had been wounded in the leg and was being held in a hospital in the city of Zlitan, northwest of Sirte. Shammam said Seif was captured in Sirte.

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Extremely Personal Financial Ideas To Help You Attain Your Desired goals

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We need to have a good idea of dollars to outlive. Hard economic times trained our past generations the need for spending less, living modestly, and becoming happy with anything they got. The majority of us usually do not are living that way any further. Applying this guidance, you could make your money last longer.

Think about using a re-loadable check out cards. If the thought of your debit or book keeper columbia mo, credit greeting cards receiving shed or robbed on your own getaway causes you to way too tense, you could use re-loadable check out charge cards. You can get them at many retail stores. It is actually arguably less hazardous and much easier than having around income.

Stay away from believing that you are unable to afford to save up to have an crisis account simply because you hardly have adequate to meet day-to-day bills. The truth is that you cannot manage to not have a single. An unexpected emergency fund could help you save if you happen to get rid of your present income. Even conserving a little every month for urgent matters can amount to a helpful amount when you want it.

Obtain a great deliver bank account. Your rainy day time cash or crisis price savings needs to be saved in a savings account with the highest interest you can get. Do not use CD’s or some other phrase cost savings which could penalize you when planning on taking your cash out early on. These profiles have to be liquefied in the event you should employ them for crisis situations.

Acquire in Bulk. Merchants like Costco and Sams Group are well-liked to get a purpose. One particular particular person could not be able to use 6 cans of peanut butter within a acceptable time, but low perishable items like potty papers may possibly last you for a calendar year! Acquire in big amounts why is sensation for book keeper columbia mo, you and mount up the price savings.

Don’t delay conserving for and making an investment in your pension. Benefit from job centered ideas such as a 401k. Should your workplace is bringing about your 401k make sure to try everything you can to maximize that contribution. Roth 401ks permit you to take away through your fund without tax punishment in the event you qualify.

Saving on tools in your home is vital if you task it over the course of the season. Restrict the amount of bathing that you simply take and change to showers rather. This should help you to conserve the quantity of drinking water that you employ, small business accounting when nonetheless receiving the job finished.

This data will surely help you to get to grips with the private finance. Since you now are empowered using this type of new info, place it for your self nowadays, and find out precisely how effortless it could to handle your personal financing and even build riches.

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T.I.Back in Prison, Wife Pleads Not Guilty

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Los Angeles County District Attorney’s spokeswoman Jane Robison says Tameka “Tiny” Cottle entered the plea through her attorney on Monday.

Meanwhile, the rapper himself reported to a federal prison in Arkansas Monday, to begin serve an 11-month sentence for violating his probation on weapons charges.

Cottle was arrested Sept. 1 along with her husband during a traffic stop on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip.

The 35-year-old is not required to appear in person on the case. It will be called for a pretrial hearing on Jan. 6.

Cottle’s attorney, Blair Berk, 부산중구출장샵 declined to comment.

Prosecutors declined to charge T.I., citing a federal judge’s decision to send him to prison for 11 months and because only four ecstasy pills were found on him.

The weapons charges stem from a 2007 sting operation in which he was caught receiving three machine guns and two silencers.

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Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft just remaining Ryugu to provide asteroid samples again to Earth

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id=”post-entire body” class=”row” area=”write-up-system”> Goodbye, Ryugu. It’s been genuine.nnJAXA The Hayabusa2 spacecraft has had a near romance with asteroid Ryugu. It despatched rovers and landers to its surface, fired a bullet at it and blasted a hole in the asteroid with a mini cannonball. nnBut every little thing excellent should arrive to an conclusion and Hayabusa2 is now on its way back again house.nnJAXA, Japan’s house agency, introduced on Twitter Tuesday that the spacecraft is leaving its room buddy. The pair have been hanging out jointly considering that Hayabusa2‘s arrival in mid-2018.nnWe are at last leaving Ryugu! Departure is these days (November 13) at 10:05 JST (onboard time). The RCS thrusters (chemical engines) are scheduled to begin moving us away from Ryugu at about 10cm/s.nn— HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) November twelve, 2019 Hayabusa2 isn’t leaving empty-handed. The spacecraft touched down on the asteroid and collected samples to carry back again to Earth. Speak about a quality souvenir. nnJAXA despatched Hayabusa2 off on its formidable journey in 2014. The agency ideas for Hayabusa2 to fall the sample capsule into Earth’s environment in late 2020 for chemicals news restoration in Australia. The spacecraft will then carry out an escape maneuver to stay in procedure in house. nnHayabusa2 explores an asteroidnnJapan bombed an asteroid with a copper cannonballnnHayabusa2 just concluded a historic asteroid landingnIf the sample capsule arrives via as anticipated, scientists will research the materials to discover how ancient Ryugu was shaped and to attain new insights into the early photo voltaic method. nnHayabusa2’s mission has been a rollicking accomplishment so far. Now it just has to ace the return. 

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Shops were riddled with bullet holes

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About 15,000 NATO and 부산중구출장샵 Afghan troops are taking part in the offensive around Marjah, a town of about 80,000 people that was the largest population center in southern Helmand province under Taliban control. NATO hopes to rush in aid and public services as soon as the town is secured to try to win the loyalty of the population.

With the assault in its fifth day, an Afghan army soldier climbed to the roof of an abandoned shop and raised a large bamboo pole with Afghanistan’s official green-and-red flag. A crowd including the provincial governor, a few hundred Marine and Afghan troops and handfuls of civilians – Afghan men in turbans and traditional loose tunics who were searched for weapons as they entered the bazaar – watched from below.

The market was calm during the ceremony and Marines there said they are in control of the neighborhood.

But the detritus of fighting was everywhere. The back of the building over which the flag waved had been blown away. Shops were riddled with bullet holes. Grocery stores and fruit stalls had been left standing open, hastily deserted by their owners. White metal fences marked off areas that had not yet been cleared of bombs.

Afghan soldiers said they were guarding the shops to prevent looting and hoped the proprietors would soon feel safe enough to return.

Special Report: Afghanistan

The Marines and Afghan troops “saw sustained but less frequent insurgent activity” in Marjah on Wednesday, limited mostly to small-scale attacks, NATO said in a statement.

Marine officials have said that Taliban resistance has started to seem more disorganized than in the first few days of the assault, when small teams of insurgents swarmed around Marine and Afghan army positions firing rifles, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

The offensive in Marjah – about 380 miles southwest of Kabul – is the biggest assault since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan and a major test of a retooled NATO strategy to focus on protecting civilians, rather than killing insurgents.

Even with caution on both the NATO and Afghan side, civilians have been killed. NATO has confirmed 15 civilian deaths in the operation. Afghan rights groups say at least 19 have been killed.

Insurgents are increasingly using civilians as human shields – firing at Afghan troops from inside or next to compounds where women and children appear to have been ordered to stand on a roof or in a window, said Gen. Mohiudin Ghori, the brigade commander for Afghan troops in Marjah.

“Especially in the south of Marjah, the enemy is fighting from compounds where soldiers can very clearly see women or children on the roof or in a second-floor or third-floor window,” Ghori said. “They are trying to get us to fire on them and kill the civilians.”

More Marjah coverage from CBS News Correspondent Mandy Clark

Marines Reach out to Marjah PopulationMarines Drive Into Afghan StrongholdMarines Engage Taliban on Edge of MarjahAfghanistan: Life on the Frontline

Ghori said troops have made choices either not to fire at the insurgents with civilians nearby or they have had to target and advance much more slowly in order to distinguish between militants and civilians as they go.

One Afghan soldier said that he has seen many civilians wounded as they were caught in the crossfire.

“I myself saw lots of people that were shot, and they were ordinary people,” said Esmatullah, who did not give his rank and like many Afghans goes by one name. He said some were hit by Taliban bullets and some by Marine or Army troops.

Taliban “were firing at us from people’s homes. So in returning fire, people got shot,” he said.

In northern Marjah, U.S. Marines fanned out through poppy fields, dirt roads and side alleys to take control of a broader stretch of area from insurgents as machine gun fire rattled in the distance.

The Marines found several compounds that had primitive drawings on their walls depicting insurgents blowing up tanks or helicopters, a sign that Afghan troops say revealed strong Taliban support in the neighborhood.

Lt. Col. Brian Christmas, commander of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, said security has improved enough in the north of town for Afghan police to step in. Other Marine units have taken control of main locations in the center of town.

“Bringing in the Afghan police frees up my forces to clear more insurgent zones,” Christmas said.

Combat engineers were building a fortified base at the entrance of town for the police, who are expected to arrive Thursday.

Afghan police chosen for the task in Marjah were selected from other regions of the country instead of Helmand province, Marine officials said, in order to avoid handing over day-to-day security to officers who may have tribal or friendship ties to the Taliban.

Four NATO service members have been killed in the Marjah operation. An American and a Briton were killed on Saturday, while two others whose nationalities were not identified were killed Tuesday. One Afghan soldier has also been killed.

About 40 insurgents have been killed, Helmand Gov. Gulab Mangal told reporters in Lashkar Gah, the nearby provincial capital, after the flag-raising.

Troops are encountering less fire from mortars and RPGs than at the start of the assault, suggesting that the insurgents may have depleted some of their reserves or that the heavier weapons have been hit, Ghori said.

Nevertheless, Taliban have not given up. Insurgent snipers hiding in haystacks in poppy fields have exchanged fire with Marines and Afghan troops in recent days as they swept south.

A Marine spokesman said the zone appeared quieter Wednesday than on previous days, but was likely to flare up again.

“This thing is going to have peaks where we establish ourselves, and then they’re going to make the next push into the city,” Capt. Abraham Sipe said.

NATO said it has reinstated use of a high-tech rocket system that it suspended after two rockets hit a house on the outskirts of Marjah on Sunday, killing 12 people, including at least five children.

The military coalition originally said the missiles went hundreds of yards (meters) off target but said Tuesday that it determined that the rockets hit the intended target.

Afghan officials said three Taliban fighters were in the house at the time.

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