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World of Electronics

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If we go for a proper definition then ‘Electronics’ can be defined as the part of science and technology that makes utilization of the movement of electrons. Such movements are controlled through the various vacuum and media. The capability of controlling the flow of electrons is usually applied to the control of devices and handling of different information.

From the electrical science and technology Electronics show its various differences that deal with distribution, control, application and generation of the electrical power. In contrast with the electrical power, electronics started to show its distinction in the year 1906 when Lee De Forest made his invention of the triode. Using this triode one can easily make the amplification possible with a device that is absolutely non-mechanical. This field was known by the name ‘radio technology’ until the year 1950 as because the prime function was related to the theory and design of vacuum tubes, receivers and transmitters.

Most of the electronic devices that are used today utilize semiconductor components. Such utilization is meant to control the shifting of the electrons.

A Study on Electronic Devices and Components:

A component that is considered as Electronic is defined as a physical entity which is used for the purpose of affecting the electrons or its associated fields. The components are generally used with the intention of connecting it usually by soldering to a PCB. The PCB is the acronym of Printed Circuit Board and is used for carving an electronic circuit. Each circuit is constructed to carry out various functions, for example radio, oscillator, amplifier etc. Some of the most commonly used electronics components are capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes etc.

A component can be categorized to two types. These are:

1.  Active Components
2.  Passive Components

Types of Circuits:

A circuit can be classified into two types. Such are:

•  Analog Circuit
•  Digital Circuit

Analog Circuits: The circuits or appliances that are composed of combinations of a few types of basic circuits are termed as an analog circuit. In comparison to a digital circuit these circuits use a constant range of voltage. Considering the various non-linear effects within an analog circuit such as the modulator, mixer etc. sometimes the analog circuits are also called a linear circuit. Some of the best examples of an analog circuit include a transistor amplifier, a vacuum tube, an oscillator and an operational amplifier.

Digital Circuit: One of the most physical representations of Boolean algebra, the digital circuits are the electric circuits that are based on the level of the total number of voltage. Most of these circuits use two voltage levels such as:

1.  Low (0)
2.  High (1)

Although theoretically the ‘low’ means ‘0’ but practically it keeps near the value ‘0’. In the same way high does not remains at ‘1’ when used practically.

Some of the good examples of a digital circuit include:

•  Electronics Clocks
•  Programmable Logic Controllers
•  Computers

Thus it can be concluded that if you have the most basic components of electronics like resistor, capacitor, diode, and chips then even you can be an inventor of something that could be really exceptional.

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