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Typs of computer? – Answers.com

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1. micro computer

2. mini computer

3. mainframe computer

4. purpose computer

How many typs of pasta are there?
There are 600 different shapes of pasta.

What are the 6 types of subject matter jurisdiction?
typs of subject matter?

Does mercury have any rock types?
does mercury have any typs of rocks

How many typs of ribosoms?
Mainly there are two types. They are 80s and 70s

How many panda are there in the world?
2 typs the red panda and the giant panda

Names of bread?
can you name differnt typs of bread from all around thhe world???

How many rocks are ther in the word?
Three main typs metimorfic, igneous, and sedimentary

What is a valve cover gasket made of?

Do guys like a hick chick?
yes! different guys like different typs of girls!

What types of paper is there?
some paper is worth millions but there is 3 typs of paper and 실시간카지노 they are ral meil and fraiol

What typs of trees are evergreens?
i don’t really know Trees that dont drop all their leaves in the Autumn.

What are the typs of cells?
in the human body there are loads and nobody knows so good luck on finding the exact answer!

Do bald eagles migrate for different weather?
I think it was because where they live and the typs of weather thet gose

What does an hawaian goose eat?
nothing most typs of animals eat more then we do the eat green foods

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?
i would say genisect arcec and black kyuram cauz black kyuram was anothor 인터넷바카라 version of zekrom and genicect does 240 damage and finally arcec cus he is can use all typs of atack he is all typs of pokemon like electric normal and stuff

What types or fruits can you eat?
I can eat a lot of typs fresh fruit like banana, apple and water melon

What are christmas tree worm-?
The Christmas Tree Worm is a pest that attacks evergreens, especially the Christmas tree typs.

How many typs of gravy?
500 such as strawberry and apple types or just original gravy’s is how you spell MANY NOT Meny. OK!

What are the different typs of memory?
There are several types of memory. Three types of memory are short term, long term, and sensory.

How much vitamin c is in types of orange Juice?
Do different types of brands of orange jucie have different typs of Vitamin C?

What has the author Joachim Pabst written?
Joachim Pabst has written: ‘Internationale Beziehungen neuen Typs’ — subject(s): World politics

What are the three types of Rna molecules?
The three typs of RNA molecules are messenger RNA (mRNA), transfer RNA (tRNA), and ribosomal RNA (rRNA).

How many spices of coral reefs exist?
three different typs, fringing reef ; barrier reef ; and atolls… :D33 yhurr welcomm

What types of animals does the cheetah eat?
The cheetahs prefer such small and medium sized antelope such as gazelles.

What are some typs of dogs?
here are some of my favourite breeds: toy poodle minauture pinscher, German sheaperd, collie, westie,basset hound. beagle

Are pipe unions directional?
YES! With steam and other errosion typs substances the inward flow should be on the male nut side. For most plumbing jobs there is no specification

What are the names of the types of RNA?
There are 3 typs of RNAs—–messenger RNA(abbervated as mRNA)transffer RNA(abbervated as tRNA)and ribosomal RNA(abbervated as rRNA) are recognized.

What are Different types of attributes in DBMS?
attributes have many typs just like a null attributes,simple attribute,multiattributes,composite attributes. by rakesh chandila gold filed

What has the author Tibor Kemenczei written?
Tibor Kemenczei has written: ‘Funde ostkarpatenl andischen Typs im Karpatenbecken’ — subject(s): OUR Brockhaus selection, Sculpture Plastic Arts

What kinds of wines are best in a gourmet gift basket?
You can mix different typs of wine in a gourmet gift basket, but try and include different wines from the same vineyard or label.

Do different types of apple have the same number of seeds?
Not all typs of apples have the same number of seeds even by experimenting you will still fined out some apples have the same number of seeds as other apples do some dont.

What was food like in new france?
the food is like the food in any bit of ffrance ! the delicacy is mainly frogs legs and snails, but the also like crossandts and different typs of bread. They also like fish and salad .

What does the ribbon seal eat?
ribbon seals eat puffins,walruses,other seals,sea lions,huge sharks,whale calves,arctic dolphins,arctic porpoises,squid,fish & more typs of seabirds

Can progesterone suppositories delay your period?
Yes if used more than directed. or it could just mean Your a little late, its commen for many women to miss or be late when using sapositorys or any other typs of vaginal creams.

What products could be made from hydrogen?
The most important is ammonia. Also organic products in the petrochemical industry. And the production of hydrochloric acid. Hydrogen is used for the hydrogenation of unsaturated oils to obtain other typs of substances – for ex. margarine.

What typs of work are protected from copyright?
Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation. They are protected by Patent & Trademark laws. Bear in mind however that the expression of those ideas, systems, etc may be protected by copyright.

What is importance of television in education?
help us in all the typs of education by the perfect culture; and i think that the tv show con but the seriously subjest some time juste to help us in our education school or education company… x

Is blood type inherited, genetic, or both?
Blood types are 100% genetically inherited. You can visit your doctor’s office to find out which blood type you are. The most common blood typs are A and 온라인카지노 B or AB. The rare one is mostly O.

Are all vinyl windows more energy efficient than wood windows?
Generally speaking vinyl windows will be more energy efficient than other window typs Make sure you choose a quality vinyl window,it ill help with your energy cost.

What Pokemon are best against the elite four in Pokemon FireRed?
it all depends on what you have as your starter it dont matter that much though. i recomend you have these pokemon if you dont want legendaries jolteon venasur(your stater pokemon) pidgeot for fighting typs dragonite should know blizzard outrage and surf teach pidgeot fly nido queen nido king is not as good for a nido queen you must trade your male nidoran for a female she is at the underground path in the city…

What is the difference between remote computer and local computer?
A local computer is the machine you are currently logged into, a remote computer is a computer you are accessing from your local computer. So, if I connect to my home computer from work, my home computer is the remote computer, and my work computer is the local. Conversely, if I connect to my work computer from home, my work computer is the remote computer, and my home computer is the local.

What is the complete meaning of computer?
A computer is a person or a machine that performs computations. An accountant is a computer (human computer). A slide-rule is a computer (an analog computer). A smart phone is a computer (digital computer).

How computer virus transfer from one computer to another?
how to transmit computer virus from computer to computer

Name and define the three major typs of interactions among organisms?
The three types of symbiosis are mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. The relationship in which both species benefit is called mutualism. The relationship in which one species benefit and the other is not harmed or helped is called commensalism. The relationship in which one species benefit and the other are getting hurt is parasitism

What temperature is required for volcanic eruption?
There is no temperature requirement for volcanic eruptions, the temperature of different typs of magma varies greatly and all of them are capable of producing eruptions. The important thing for eruptions is the pressure within a magma chamber, once the pressure within the chamber exceeds the pressure that is holding the magma inside it will erupt onto the suface.

What are the different types of computer?
The different types of computer are: *Personal Computer *Laptop *Mini Computer *Mainframe computer *Server Computer The 1st ever computer is the Abacus

What does lawyer do on the computer?
what does lawyer do on the computer what does lawyer do on the computer what does lawyer do on the computer

How does computer develop?
A computer does not develop. You can develop computer programs for a computer.

How many clases of computer?
There are three classes of Computer: Analog Computer. Digital Computer. Hybrid Computer.

The computer term PC stnds for?
Personal Computer (PC). Personal Computer (PC). Personal Computer (PC). Personal Computer (PC). Personal Computer (PC). Personal Computer (PC).

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