Micargi Seattle SS Evaluation: Chopper Model Stretch Cruiser

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Micargi Seattle SS Evaluation: Chopper Model Stretch Cruiser

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Are you in search of a stretch beach bike by which you may get pleasure from an incredible using expertise? Do you wish to ride via advanced terrains? If that’s the case, then the great news is this guide goes to share the overview of an incredible chopper-type stretch bike. Yes! You read it right! It is Micargi Seattle SS -MBK 7 Pace 26″ Stretch Bicycle!

The concept of chopper-type bicycles started within the late 1950s when the primary chopper was constructed to bring a milder customization trend. Now, the chopper-fashion bikes are becoming very popular day by day. These personalized bikes come with lengthened forks as well as various steering angles to offer an artistic look. Remember, not all personalized bikes are choppers; they can also be made from scratch. From the creation of first choppers until now, many trends have taken place, which makes the choppers fit in some particular style, type, or era. Such choppers are known as “old school” fashion choppers. Considered one of these chopper-type bikes is Micargi Seattle SS. Let’s take a brief take a look at its review.

Micargi Stretch Beach Cruiser Assessment

The elongated frame provides a super comfortable ride
26 inches front wheel and back wheel
Soft and comfortable springer saddles
Entrance and rear disk brakes
High rise handlebar
Frame constructed with high high quality and durable hi-ten steel

If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality bike that doesn’t only look good however comes at an affordable worth, then Micargi Seattle SS Stretch Beach Cruiser is an ideal option for you. This seven-speed chopper-style bike from Micargi is made of high quality and long-lasting materials. It’s front and back wheels give a sporty look to this bike as it comes with 26 inches FAT tires. The fantastic thing about Micargi Seattle SS does not lie only on the stretch frame however on its incredible parts as well.

Get pleasure from your bike rides with Seattle SS without worrying about changing the components incessantly!
The Micargi Seattle SS chopper-model stretch cruiser is ideal for versatile routes akin to smooth roads, rocky surfaces, beaches, sandy grounds, and going up hills on account of its Shimano 7 pace gear and fats tires. Moreover, it options 26 inches rims and might carry the burden as much as 250 pounds. What makes this bike other than its rivals is its ability to provide excellent balance on the surface of the ground. The only negative point of the Seattle SS is that it doesn’t help a cargo rack, but the benefits it affords overcome this little negative point. Imagine me; the Micargi Seattle SS is well-worth the price!

Some people wish to add a gas motor to the Micargi Seattle SS which makes Seattle a motorized bicycle. In case you are in search of an electrical motor model, then consider the Micargi Cyclone Electric bike. It makes use of the similar frame as that of the Seattle SS but offers more velocity, transmission as well as deliverability on account of its 48V Lithium-Ion battery and a 500W electrical Bafang motor.

To sum up:
The Seattle SS is without doubt one of the finest Micargi bikes. If you want to preserve a steady balance on a bike while using by powerful terrains, then you must consider the Seattle SS!

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