“I’ve experimented

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“I’ve experimented

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The down-to-earth actress admits that she’s tried it, 부산중구출장샵 but probably would not do it again.

“I’ve experimented. Fillers are fine, but Botox kind of freaked me out because I couldn’t move my face,” she admitted in the December issue of Prevention magazine.

“I was like, ‘Isn’t it my job to make facial expressions?’ This is just me, but when people really change how they look, it’s weird. I get a little spooked about that, like, ‘Ah, but nobody else looks like you and now you’re gone. Now you’ve got the nose that that girl has!”

While Brenneman’s face looks fabulous; her real secret to looking beautiful is discovering her inner beauty, finding peace and learning how to relax – a ‘private practice’ we should all should engage in.

“Sometimes I have to turn my iPhone off…For me, it’s really about finding ease and letting go. I cut out a lot of stuff that was crowding out my own voice. It’s the art of chilling out,” she said. “I’m such an adrenalized person, and we live in an adrenalized culture, and yet slowing down is the underbelly of good mental health.”

Brenneman also finds that strength comes in numbers, and in her case, it’s her “girl tribe.” She meets up with 10  women four times a year to have deep conversations and great food.

“People speak from their hearts, often sharing things they don’t talk about anywhere else,” she said. “That group has become the cornerstone of my life, in many ways.”

Prevention magazine is on newsstands Tuesday.

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