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Fun And Educational Toys

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If you’re looking for the latest version of WhatsApp APK or WhatsApp Messenger APK for downloads, you are at the right spot. Every time a WhatsApp message arises, the preview shows some content of the message in notifications. When you are with your friends, relatives or co-workers, you would never prefer to disclose any personal content. To avoid this situation there’s a very simple trick for android devices. If you give a time or time for a task in a WhatsApp chat the date can look blue and underlined. Tap on the hyperlink and it will give you the option to generate Event in your calendar. It only works if you are specific with the times.

WhatsApp automatically saves your chats every trip to 2 AM, if you delete a conversation that happened before 2 AM, you can restore it. However, keep in mind when you bring back the back-up, you lose the conversations that occurred after 2 AM. So, be cautious regarding that. 2. Know who read your message: fuente de este articulo That is second magical WhatsApp trick. You are able to know that has read your message in a group talk. The feature can be reached by long pressing on your message and simply clicking info. This shows who have read your group message, who has got it and who hasn’t got it.

The very next day, you try to play it cool… except, when he WhatsApps you, you lose all chill and want to open up it IMMEDIATELY. Simply go to Configurations, then go to ‘Data and Storage space usage’. Now Select ‘Storage space Usage’ and you will see all organizations and contacts placed according to the storage space they could be utilizing. Deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp software will re-register your accounts with a fresh verification code and automatically log you out from any open classes on other devices.

No, no, do not get too much thrilled. You can not actually enter inside WhatsApp server to improve someone’s profile picture internationally. But you can change it on your telephone. So, if you want to hide the photo of a lovely girl who is your friend with an elder sister type woman, you can simply do it. Have a look at more of these hacks that you didn’t know to make WhatsApp more handy and useful.

This is a question that most of you should have in mind after scanning this. Just how CatchApp works can be done. However the new security updates on WhatsApp for chats make it hard for just about any device or application to record the screen private discussions on an individual accounts and chats. However, aside from this app, a great many other apps can do so and one of these is BlurSPY.

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