BMW Alpina B7 Biturbo: first driving impressions

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BMW Alpina B7 Biturbo: first driving impressions

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If you prefer a top new seven through BMW, you can purchase a twelve-cylinder M760Li x-drive with 610 horses. Or even there is a second, significantly a lot more exclusive option – the particular BMW Alpina B7 Biturbo-which has just 2 horses less!

While everyone is usually anxious to see what the next model of the particular Munich automaker will be, Alpina is already testing it properly and adjusting it to its image. He gets the news two years before it will get to market. It’s unique how closely it is usually in the beginning linked to 1 of the world’s best-known automakers. Alpina commenced being a sewing machine manufacturer, however in the Sixties its founder, Burkard Bovensiepen, managed the hussar stunt. By simply adjusting the carburetor, this individual increased the power in order to the BMW 1500 by ten horsepower! What’s more, the folks at BMW loved it so much they provided their own guarantee with this modification.

At the particular moment, cars are not what would feed the Alpine – it’s wine product sales. All the better their particular cars can be. They will build them for pleasure, not for trying to make the most of the profit. Since 1983, Alpina, ranks among lawful vehicle since 1995 and then provides their parts directly to the production line of the particular BMW, where this vehicle consist. Therefore, we are usually talking about BMW Alpina cars, which also provide their particular own brand name and identity.

The latest design of the brand is usually the new seven, known as B7 Biturbo. It is already clear that the particular car will be successful – for this year the particular carmaker already has 350 orders! In total, it produces only about 1, 500 cars a 12 months, including smashcards such since diesel SUVs and wagons.

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