Automotive electronics suppliers should strive to climb

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Automotive electronics suppliers should strive to climb

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March 30, 2012, the automotive electronics industry event of the year – 2011 10 Award Presentation Ceremony of the automotive electronics industry will be held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House. Lasted several months of intense tug of war, and several rounds of multi-strength contest competition, major awards of the automotive electronics Ten selection and finally the birth of the much-anticipated of all, the major outstanding enterprises and leaders finally have this first glory. Senior Advisory Committee of the Chinese auto industry, auto industry experts, China International Talent Development Center of the High Commissioner Committee, Honorary Vice President Mr. Chen Guangzu come to the awards ceremony and delivered a brilliant speech, the

The celebration of the victory of the HC 2011 China’s auto electronics industry Ten selection held, I extend my warm congratulations.

Today, I take a few minutes to a topic, the topic of automotive electronics suppliers, we strive to climb.

¬†information industry in the 21st century is experiencing tremendous progress, the Internet has entered the fifth generation, from the PC, Internet, broadband Internet, mobile Internet, has now entered the era of cloud. This powerful impetus to the rapid development of the automotive industry, information technology, automotive electronics industry will enter a new era. U.S. automotive engineering scientist HAD stresses “the cars will be on four wheels computer” international automotive electronics development, there are five wave around 1970, belonging to a separate stage of control, centralized control of development in 1990, for example, said the ABS. 2000, we have control of the system, such as ESP cell stabilization system, to about 2010, belonging to the stage of car control, for example, we automatically stop the ladies here are very happy, as well as drink driving, The year more than 30 percent of accidents caused by drink driving. Intelligent control in 2020, not what strange things, when unmanned.

This requires thinking of new automotive electronics, to develop the characteristics of China’s auto electronics business, there are so few points: the first outstanding performance in order to expand the type and vehicle control systems integration. The past two, later to be integrated. Through gesture, voice, touch operation. More advanced light sound system has been started, which the CPU of the car, the traditional metal contacts will be replaced by the professional waiter, our electronic world to more high-speed operation and software, senior. Third, the modern electric car is the highest carrier of information technology, the day before yesterday I attended a seminar in Korea, he said, did not cross the border of your battery, I am now running while charging. Main product: car dvd playerVehicle networking, as well as the interconnection of these cars integration, vehicle information, fault, locate, rescue, query, warranty system automatically combines the camera on the vehicle’s high-speed applications, in continuous development. Fifth, the International Organization for Standardization to be announced with ISO26262, automotive electronic systems functional safety standard, making the car’s electronics business with the new requirements and improve, in short, the car which information technology will be four in one of the people, vehicles, information, environmental new form of automotive equipment, there will be a low carbon, green, smart, and humanities for the arrival of the new car of the signs of civilized society.

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