600 heels ‘as comfy as your trainers’

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600 heels ‘as comfy as your trainers’

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Australian Story Program 13

This is the amazing riches to rags story of Keith Lamb, whose hugely successful glam rock band, ush? was a household name in the seventies. With their outrageous platform shoes, satin flares and flowing scarves, ush?were favourites on Countdown with hits like oney Moroney?and lad All Over? Keith also collaborated with Status Quo on several of their hit singles.

But when Hush broke up, Keith career went into a decline. He eventually ended up destitute and alone, wandering the streets of country Victoria.

At that point, in a remarkable coincidence, a woman called Louise Howland re entered his life. As a teenage rock fan in country Victoria, she met Keith Lamb and ush?at the height of their success. She was given tickets to one of their concerts and was struck by Lamb charisma on stage.

Eight years later she was working as a psychiatric nurse in Melbourne. A neglected, under armour เสื้อรัดกล้าม hungry and dazed man was admitted to the hospital. Louise was shocked to realise that this wreck of a man was in fact Keith Lamb. He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Louise befriended Keith and got him out of hospital and back into the community. He has made a substantial recovery and is hoping to get back into the recording studio.

In one of many strange twists in a story that is both bizarre and sad, Louise describes how a Melbourne police psychiatrist first made the decision to commit Lamb to a mental hospital.

eith thought that Status Quo owed him royalties for songs he written which in fact they did, only they didn know how to contact him. So he wrote out a cheque for four million dollars and deposited it in a bank in Melbourne. Sometime later he tried to withdraw two hundred dollars and the police were called.

he strange thing was that the police psychiatrist thought Keith was deluded because he claimed to have thirteen gold records. And of course that wasn a delusion, it was perfectly true!?

The story includes classic archival footage from the ABC A Big Country which, during the seventies, captured the fan frenzy surrounding ush?as part of a story about their roadies.

The guest presenter for the story is Alan Lancaster, under armour skor storlekar armour outlet Sydney based founding member of the rock group, Status Quo. As Lancaster says in his introduction he life of a rock star is pretty crazy. You live in a vacuum, cut off from the rest of the world. You learn to deal with success, to enjoy it, to need it. but youe never prepared for failure?

The second story in tonight program is about another form of escue? It is introduced by actress and animal rights campaigner, Lynda Stoner, and is about a young married couple in Western Australia who have devoted their lives to providing sanctuary and hospital care for injured birds of prey.

They are Katie and David McCreadie and for the last four years they have spent every cent they earn on their aptor Retreat?

We join them as they travel to the north west of the state to release a magnificent and rare giant sea eagle which has just recovered from its injuries.

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