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Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Appointment Frequency

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How often should a patient schedule his or her laser hair removal treatment appointments? The answer is not always easy to determine. Different practitioners give different patients a variety of answers. Does this mean that some are right and some are wrong? No, but it does mean that different factors will help a physician predict when a patient needs to come back in for another appointment.

How many treatments does it take to achieve the best results?

Patients typically need somewhere between three and six treatments to remove around eighty to ninety percent of the hairs. Before signing up for a string of appointments, be sure to get an idea from the practitioner on how many appointments will be needed, as well as the space in between each one.

Why wait in between appointments?

Hairs grow on a cycle. The length of time it takes to complete a cycle varies from person to person. A person’s hair color also affects timing. Patients need to reach a certain part of the growth cycle before going through another laser hair removal treatment. As a general rule, it takes the body around six weeks to reach the active growth stage. Here, treatments are at their most effective.

How long should patients wait?

A practitioner can tell a patient exactly how long he or she should wait before coming in for another ideal image laser hair removal louisville ky obituaries archives hair removal treatment. For treatments anywhere on the face, it takes around five to six weeks before another appointment should be scheduled. For legs, another common area treated, appointments start out every six to eight weeks but over time, they can be spread out to anywhere up to twelve weeks. Remember that these dates are just estimates. Every person is different.

When new hairs start showing up, laser hair removal training texas it may be time to schedule another laser hair removal treatment. In most cases, a few days or even a week or two will not make a major difference in the results. There is some leeway in scheduling. Many patients, looking to get the most out of their treatments, schedule their next appointment before leaving the office. If anything changes, they can easily call and set up another appointment at a later date if necessary.

Will everyone see the same results?

A laser hair removal treatment does not provide every person with the same results. People that have very light colored or grey hairs will not experience the same results as others. It does not matter whether a person is male of female – each can see similar results. If you are unsure about whether or not you are a candidate for these treatments or you have questions about the process, it is important to contact someone in your local area and schedule a consultation.

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